New Brighton needs “amusements, not apartments” say residents

New Brighton development
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Plans to replace a historic arcade complex in New Brighton, Merseyside, have been slammed by residents who claim that there will be “no character” left in their town if the development goes ahead.


New Palace and Adventureland has been a mainstay of New Brighton’s seafront since 1939 but is now set to be demolished after owner David Wilkie revealed he was unable to keep up with the £100,000- a-year maintenance costs.

Now, plans have been unveiled to replace the art deco attraction with a modern complex comprising flats, shops and a high-end hotel, prompting fears that the seafront will lose a vital part of its heritage and character.

Commenting on the Liverpool Echo website about the plans, several residents said that the demolishing of the arcade would be a huge loss to the local area.

“If the Palace is too expensive to maintain, at least keep the frontage,” said New Brighton resident Beth Murray. “Stop knocking down our local history and ruining the character of our seaside town!”

Lamenting the lack of family-friendly fun included in the new complex, another resident wrote: “It’s a seaside town, it needs amusements not apartments.”

Defending the plans, developers Viking New Brighton said the amusements would be relocated in another spot along the seafront after Adventureland had been demolished.

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