The price is right: SB Machines break pay-per-ride barrier with brand new range

SB Machines Carousel Paolo Sidoli
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With SB Machines’ eye-catching new amusement rides proving a popular draw for visitors attending ACOS 2019, Coinslot spoke to managing director Paolo Sidoli about new products on show for 2019, customer experience, and the first-time breaking a significant price barrier.


Coinslot: How is ACOS 2019 for SB Machines?

Paolo Sidoli: We’re very pleased with the attendance of the show. Despite uncertain times, and quite a turbulent 18 months for the coin-op sector, I think it’s proved its resilience at ACOS. The show provides a fantastic springboard for our company to showcase the products – our latest range and our existing range – for the coming season. There’s been a good turnout, and we’re delighted to be attending again, and we look forward to attending again in the future.

CS: What products are proving the stars for ACOS 2019?

PS: For this year, the star of the show is the Kangaroo Up and Down Carousel, it’s a compact three-seater, multi coin-mech carousel that’s got a compact footprint, high visual impact, is site tested as always – but most importantly, it has broken through the two pound-per-play resistance barrier.

CS: What do you believe is behind crossing that price barrier?

PS: We have to give a compelling reason to put money in our rides to get that experience, and we believe we’re delivering it. With today’s inflationary pressures, people do understand that a pound is worth a little less than before, so there’s less resistance to the two pound barrier, but we have to be mindful of the fact that people’s disposable incomes are affected. However – as long as we give them a compelling reason, they will happily pay the price, and our rides deliver in all areas.

CS: What other products are taking centre stage for SB Machines at ACOS?

PS: We’ve also got the Unicorn Carousel, a compact, standard two-seater carousel, again on two pound play, that’s attracted a lot of interest at the show, due to the unicorn theme, which is very much in vogue at the moment. In addition, in response to customers’ requests for a ride that would sit outside an arcade as well as inside, we’ve continued the success of Double Pony Express and have made a compact version, in our twin Vienna, with video screen.

CS: What has the response been to the new rides this year?

PS: We know they’ve been very good, as expected, as they’ve had six to nine months of rigorous site-testing, so we’re very careful to ensure that what we present at the show is going to be right for the customer, that is critical. Notwithstanding this, we’ve got our existing, proven, successful products here – such as Hot Air Balloon, Train Carousel and our Big Machine ride, all competitively priced, and most commanding two pound-per-play.

CS: Why is it important for SB Machines to be present at ACOS?

PS: We consider ourselves as the primary supplier of coin-operated amusement rides in the UK and Ireland, and the ACOS show provides a good opportunity to see customers that sometimes we miss. We cannot not be present at the show, and it does pay off. You’ll get loyalty from your customers, and give them reassurance that we are here for the long-term, and to give them that continuity of service and spares.

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