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Ahead of what promises to be a busy year for Playsafe Systems, commercial director Ian Fuller commented how customer feedback at trade events can be crucial in the product development cycle.


At ACOS last week, Playsafe Monitoring highlighted its Quantum series machine management system – a centralised solution that can be upgraded to cater for multiple applications.

“We are showing our Quantum machine management system, which is the central system that we provide. On top of that operators can then install further modular add on systems such as: loyalty, promotional and TITO,” said Fuller.

“What we are selling is security and accountability through machine management.” Of note on the Playsafe Systems stand was the presence of the soon-to-be-released Quantum 6. “It is going to change the way a lot of people look at cash payments as well as non-cash payments.

Non-cash transactions is more relevant. There is TITO, promotional, refills, hand pays now, and Quantum 6 is really going to help people understand how to better account for these transactions,” fuller added.

Whilst Quantum 6 is currently in development – with an aim to release in the coming months – Fuller commented how bringing it to ACOS is an important step on this path.

The ability to show customers how the solution is looking, and what it can provide can garner valuable feedback before its eventual launch.

“We know the industry well and we are well in tune with what customers want. We are experts in our field, but we use events such as this to gain customer feedback.

A lot of development in the PayStation was through customer feedback, hearing of how operators wanted to secure the cash flow within arcades, so we developed and added these features to the product.”

On talking points Fuller commented: “People are focusing on operational efficiencies and securities. We are seeing a lot of people installing TITO now for the efficiencies it brings, especially with its ease of installation.”

“A lot of multi-site operators need systems to manage their estates and machine income, so they are looking at solutions like Quantum that can allow them to track performances crosssite through our app.”

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