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One Big Ticket Concept Games
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The operational benefits of the One Big Ticket solution from Concept Games were on display once more at ACOS, with uptake of the product increasing, commented company director David Garforth.


With redemption units being the stars of many seaside operations this year, ACOS was the perfect chance to take stock with customers following the season. The One Big Ticket solution has been enjoying steady progress since its inception and recently secured a full rollout at a venue in Minehead that saw some 53 units installed.

“We always knew that the system makes all the sense in the world as it will save thousands of pounds over the life of each machine that it is fitted too,” said Garforth.

“But the only concerns we had were whether or not the players would miss the arms full of redemption tickets, yet the feedback we have had from customers has shown this isn’t the case,” said Garforth.

“On many of the highest earning machines the One Big Ticket system pays for itself in one season,” added Garforth.

“Also the system can be reused on new machines after trading and swapovers. One Big Ticket fits any redemption machine and can be reused time and time again,” he added.

Garforth drew attention to the company’s Lumos Kit retroffit solution, which has found traction with operators looking to update their estate without having to bring in entire new units.

“We can completely change the visuals of a machine with all new LED flo tubes and bulbs, a new chrome trim, health check, full clean and new reel bands where necessary. We’ve had customers saying it is like having a new machine on site.”

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