SB bringing its best to ACOS

SB Machines Unicorn Carousel Kangaroo lifting carousel
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With the 2019 season barely over, SB Machines of Porthcawl is already preparing its portfolio of products for 2020, a selection of which will be on display at ACOS


Firmly established as a key date in the UK exhibitions calendar, SB Machines is showing its support to ACOS with its largest stand ever. The company will be launching three rides, as well as presenting its most successful models from previous years.

Italresina’s Kangaroo lifting carousel will certainly be a showpiece attraction: three seats, multi coin mech and £2 play, this cutting edge ride has surpassed all expectations during site testing and will be the company’s main launch for 2020, according to Paolo Sidoli, principal of SB.

In addition SB will be showcasing Cogan’s eyecatching unicorn carousel as well as a compact twin Vienna horse with video – which follows in the footsteps of the hugely popular Double Pony express.

“We are expecting these rides to be very well received for 2020 as operators are looking once again for more attractive rides that set their premises apart from the competition,” commented Sidoli.

“Our Italian manufacturers are reinforcing their position as the main suppliers of high quality children’s rides. Companies such as Cogan and Italresina invest an enormous amount of time and resources in research and development – they embrace new technologies and they improve their production techniques. They want to be seen as the best in their field and take great pride in the look of their products.

“The challenge from other European and far Eastern manufacturers has incentivised Italian producers to get better. The three new rides we will be presenting at ACOS are fine examples of the best of Made in Italy. They look great and will surpass expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

“As I have repeated previously, multiple seat rides with complex and engaging movement can command £2 per play. There is less price resistance as end users are appreciating the value added to superior looking and superior performing equipment. To coin a phrase from one of my customers, he says that the experience on one of our rides might last a minute but the memories will last a lot longer.”

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