Punching way above its height: Prismatic Lo Boy set for ACOS launch

Prismatic Lo Boy ACOS launch
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After a summer of being weighed, measured, and found exceeding expectations, Astra’s new Prismatic Lo Boy Cat C will debut at this year’s Autumn Coin-Op Show.


Following the debut of its highly successful Prismatic gaming terminals at the start of the year, Astra will officially launch its Lo Boy Cat C version at this year’s ACOS.

While operators attending the Northern Showcase in May had the chance to get a first glance at the Lo Boy, it’s presence at ACOS will be backed by a summer’s worth of testing and feedback – all of which has been highly encouraging.

“Following extensive testing in AGCs and bingo clubs up and down the country we’re really exciting at the prospect of launching the Lo Boy Cat C for the sector at this year’s ACOS,” explained Ian Shreeve, sales and marketing director responsible for Astra Games and Bell-Fruit Games. “It’s already made a significantly strong impact with players during the trials, producing a highly encouraging response that has far exceeded our expectations,” Shreeve confirmed.

Created to inhabit the central space of AGCs and bingo hall machine zones, the launch of Lo Boy represents a tactical opening for operators to site a proven terminal in a typically challenging area of the gaming floor. The terminal gives operators the opportunity to put every inch of their gaming floor to work, with the Lo Boy’s sleek design and fresh content supply enabling it to punch far above its height.

“Lo Boy Cat C has been designed specifically to inject some energy into the marketplace. It delivers a stunning cabinet which optimises space in the arcade to the maximum, with a sit down option which has proved to be extremely popular,” continued Shreeve.

That, as well as the range and diversity of content, which for Shreeve has turned out to be king as the saying goes.

“Content is what has set Prismatic apart in many ways. Lo Boy is loaded with fresh content. During testing, players have been faced with games they’ve never seen before and they are really engaging with it – and not only does it have a strong menu off the shelf, we have more great, exciting content in the pipeline.”

For the teams behind the delivery of Lo Boy, the terminal has selling points in abundance: the best games from some of the best design houses at Bell-Fruit, Astra, Harlequin and Novomatic; regular updates to refresh the offering tied in with the payday cycle; online connectivity allowing new games to be downloaded; marketing support allowing customers to market in their window displays the games on offer and the Prismatic itself – and all at no extra cost.

“For the operator, the Prismatic range of terminals presents a seamless addition to the floor, bringing huge technical and functionality advantages,” concluded Shreeve. “For those already invested in the platform, adding the Lo Boy Cat C brings no extra operational costs, and all the parts are interchangeable.”

Astra’s Lo Boy Cat C Prismatic terminal will debut on the Astra and Crown stands at ACOS 2019.

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