I own you? Bongo’s Bingo brand battle goes to court

bongos bingo court case
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Liverpool’s Camp and Furnace event space and Jonny Bongo-owned firm Shua Ltd have begun proceedings at the Manchester High Court over who owns the right to the popular Bongo’s Bingo brand.


The trial, which began on 9 September, saw Camp and Furnace submit a petition to the Business and Property Courts, stating event organisers Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke owe the venue earnings from “on the road” stagings.

“That event had been developed at Camp and Furnace,” former Camp chairman Alex Keeling told Shua’s representative, Paul Chaisty QC. “Research and development had been developed by Camp and Furnace, as events at Camp and Furnace.”

Following a launch at the venue in 2015, Shua had taken the Jonny Bongo brand on tour across the UK and abroad, with Camp now stating it has a right to 15 percent of gross revenue from all events staged away from the site.

However, Shua stated Camp had in fact agreed a 15 percent stake in the company itself, with no entitlement to profit.

Keeling maintains Camp staff “invented, developed and financed” Bongo’s Bingo from the beginning, styling itself as the home of the brand.

Shua disputes the claims, stating Lacey and Burke “conceived and designed” the popular night. The case continues.

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