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Sam Coleman JNC Sales refurbished machines
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The used and refurbished machine market has grown to be an integral part of UK amusements operations, and in turn has become crucial to all aspects of the supply chain. JNC Sales executive, Sam Coleman, comments on how the company is building on its already sizeable reputation within the sector


Coinslot: The used/refurbished machine market is one of the main arteries of UK operations. How crucial is the market to your company specifically?

Sam Coleman: “JNC Sales have always been regarded as one of the leading one-stop shops for used amusement machines, building on a massive spectrum of products that we take pride in workshopping for our customers.

“With everything from pushers, cranes and redemption machines to kiddie rides, fruits and video games, our warehouse plays host to thousands of machines that really do cater for all customers and budgets. With a mixture of new and used machines customers are able to find second-hand products at the lowest possible price and really focus on what machines they can prioritise in terms of space and finance.”

CS: In terms of trading performance, where are you seeing the main growth areas in the used refurb market?

SC: “With an influx of new redemption machines entering the industry in recent years, it is perhaps no coincidence that we have seen more used redemption machines arrive in stock as customers look to trade-these in against the latest releases. JNC recognise that there is still a market for tried and trusted machines, especially recent favourites such as Monster Drop, Crossy Roads and Crank It to name a few.

“We’ve seen that used pushers are proving popular again this year, perhaps as some customers look to opt for smaller financial outlays for one-off items, and naturally pushers such as Justice League and Scooby Doo are still proving a hit for these sites.”

CS: With regard to your own specific services, what have been the main highlights for your refurbishment departments during the past year?

SC: “This year JNC has invested heavily in the development of our workshop, with new changes and services specifically bought in to improve this area. Customers across the world come to JNC for excellent value in their used machines, but we must also ensure that the quality is up to our own standards.

“Of course not every amusement machine in the industry works perfectly, so we have also adapted our after sales team to work even more efficiently in helping resolve customer queries and getting spare parts out as quickly as we can.”

CS: Have you seen any specific products or machine types performing particularly well from your used estate this year?

SC: “I’ve been impressed with the upsurge in more retro-themed machines that we’ve sold this year, with many sites looking for classic video games such as Euromixs and Guitar Heros as they delve into nostalgic appeal for their clients. The sales price of other classic videos like Time Crisis 4 DLX and Outrun 2’s has made them brilliantly valued pieces for customers.”

CS: Refreshing a machine estate with time-proven units has always been a boost to operators, but are operators becoming more discerning with their selection of used and refurb machines?

SC: “I think operators are rightly reflecting on where to invest their money when it comes to addressing the balance of new and used machines. I’m sure every operator would love to have a site full of new machines, but often it is the used machines that hold these sites together and contribute significantly to an operator’s income. Again, by offering new products and used machines, JNC are able to give customers the opportunity to pick and choose what machines are best-served for their site and how best to spend their money.”

CS: That relationship between operators and the refurb sector is clearly vital. How do you maintain the trust and confidence with your customers?

SC: “Many operators will have a perception or understanding of how many of our used machines work and how they are expected to perform, which brings a different type of pressure when workshopping these items. We are always open about the condition of a machine once it has been workshopped, which is why we invite customers to see them in the workshop and why we often send pictures and videos of them before dispatch.”

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