Senet Group dismisses University of Warwick SR study

Senet Group University of Warwick Social Responsibility
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The University of Warwick has published a report claiming that warnings on gambling adverts do little to deter gamblers, after conducting a study on 506 volunteers.


Encouraged to place a series of small bets by the study, the group of Premier League football fans – who had previous experience of sports betting – demonstrated no inclination to bet less frequently when shown the messages.

“The purpose of the “When the fun stops, stop” warning labels is to encourage more responsible gambling behaviour,” report author Dr Lukasz Walasek told the Daily Mail. “Yet there is hardly any evidence suggesting that such labels are effective.”

However, independent responsible gambling body The Senet Group responded to suggestions that the ‘fun’ in ‘when the fun stops, stop’ slogan was disproportionately large, and that the message itself fails, by highlighting the true aim of the campaign.

“Discouraging all betting was never its purpose,” said Senet Group chair Gillian Wilmot. “Instead it aims to get gamblers to pause and reflect.”

“Last year, we initiated a review of the campaign, informed by a substantial behavioural study, and the new creative will reflect a change to the relative size of the word ‘fun’ in response to feedback.”

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