Connected harness social media to drive Jigsaw success story

Jigsaw Connected social media
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“Delivering a holistic approach to customer support through social media,” is how Connected Entertainment’s Key Account Manager, Freddie Shreeve, has described the latest client connectivity innovation for Jigsaw, the touchscreen entertainment system of choice for a broad cross section of leisure destination venues.


The customer engagement initiative, which uses a variety of social media apps to enhance the level of on-going customer support through company-wide interaction and focus groups, has delivered encouraging results across a large number of holiday park resorts in addition to bingo clubs, AGCs and most recently in the pub sector.

Jigsaw’s social media profile has been a core component of the communications strategy and the team has worked with digital media service provider, Shipley Creative, to bolster the brand’s unique proposition through promotions, giveaways and targeted engagement across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. “Keeping close to our customers is at the heart of how we approach business and our social media channels are helping us enormously,” explained Freddie Shreeve, Key Account Manager at Connected Entertainment. “We are delivering reports to our clients via WhatsApp as well as providing a unique method of instant messaging and support through the app. It is the focus groups that have bought all this together in a way which has proved invaluable to the day-to-day running of our customers’ venues. It’s helped us to strengthen our relationships with whole cross sections of the industry and to target our marketing to the people who will truly benefit from any new updates or approaches.”

Holiday park providers including Bourne Leisure, Park Holidays, John Flower Holidays and Park Dean Resorts have all yielded positive results by encouraging team members at all levels of the company to participate in the multi-user focus groups. “For some of our clients we can have upwards of 50 staff members all interacting with us on WhatsApp ensuring everyone from the company gets involved and is driving development and engagement in how they use Jigsaw at every level,” continued Shreeve. “Through our continued focus on R&D it became clear this is what our customers across all sectors needed, both in terms of the level of support we provide, and the ability to bring customer facing employees, support staff and senior leadership all onto the same page.”

The Jigsaw WhatsApp User Groups provide an instant tool to liaise with Connected Entertainment’s support team no matter what the issue. “After looking at the data, we realised that WhatsApp is increasingly THE first point of contact and the resource that people go to. With the nature of work at holiday parks, bingo halls or pubs, it can be tricky to make a customer support call and WhatsApp is a simple, instant tool which has been essential for a number of our operators who like to have the comfort of knowing our support is there for them immediately whenever they need. We recognise the level of support our clients need and with Jigsaw being the number one provider for holiday parks with the most music, most videos, most bingo games and best customer engagement opportunities, we wanted to ensure it also had the best customer service options too!”

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