Hopes raised once more for Blackpool mega-casino

Blackpool super casino mega casino
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The Sun says talks are underway to establish Britain’s long-stalled “super-casino” operation right in the heart of its northern seaside capital.


An exclusive report from The Sun last week claimed that ministers have suggested that Blackpool could once again be earmarked for Britain’s first ever “super-casino.”

The tabloid said that preliminary talks are already underway between Blackpool council and government planners for what could be a massive new gaming facility, combined with a brand new leisure complex.

However, the condition of getting the regulatory goahead for this massive entertainment complex, which planners hope could generate thousands of new jobs for the local economy, would be that its operator contribute to a “social wealth fund,” with the aim of directing millions of pounds towards the provision of education and vocation training locally.

“Blackpool is a phenomenal resort which has huge potential for growth,” said Jake Berry, minister of the northern powerhouse and local growth. “It’s early days but this would be a very exciting project that would create a world-class attraction.”

Berry went on to claim that the new prospective complex “would be a major investment in the area which would bring additional visitors to Blackpool.”

Those with long enough memories can be forgiven for experiencing a little deja-vu: this isn’t the first time the iconic seaside resort has been tipped to host the super-casino licence.

Back in 2007, New Labour’s decidedly gambling- friendly (at least by today’s standards) Casino Advisory Panel raised Blackpool’s hopes that it might be home to the UK’s first (and only) then newly-minted super casino concept, with plans in the offing that would have seen almost 3,500 local people in at least part or fulltime employment. These hopes were dashed, however, when the panel opted for Manchester as the casino’s host-city instead: a project which never even came to fruition.

Of course, winding the clock forward a decade to today, and the wider social/political backdrop for such massive gaming prospect could hardly be more different: with politicians and newspaper editors alike practically screaming for gambling blood.

All the more reason then, says the Sun, that “sources” close to the new Blackpool project planners are reassuring politicians that their new casino, if approved, would be “one of the most regulated gambling spaces in the country.”

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