Aztec Coin partner with Blackball Tables to supply perfect 8 ball pool

Aztec Coin Blackball Tables
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After signing a distribution deal with Blackball Tables, Aztec Coin can now supply 8 ball pool tables designed by world champion pool player Ross McInnes to pubs, clubs, holiday parks and amusement centres across the UK.


Aztec Coin has signed an agreement with Blackball Tables to supply the 8 ball pool table company’s products into the UK market.

The brainchild of 8 ball pool legend Ross McInnes, Blackball Tables create high quality products utilising McInnes’ years of experience as a top player to incorporate all the fine details that players want and need.

“My main focus was to create a high quality table top with a superb playing surface at a competitive price for the everyday pool player,” explained McInnes. “I wanted the table top to be secured all the way around so the cushions provided a uniform reaction and bounce. This has been achieved with the addition of extra table clips to hold the cushions down, a mammoth twelve on each table. We have also reduced pocketed ball bounce outs to a minimum. Add all of this with tighter pockets on the Blackball Elite table and you have one outstanding table, perfect for international and European standard pool. The decision was then made to make this quality product available to every standard of pool player by introducing the Club table to the range, all the benefits of the Elite with standard sized pockets.”

Fitted with Hainsworth Match cloth as standard, Blackball Tables’ products are manufactured in the UK by Optima Pool, who paired McInnes’ design with high quality materials to ensure the pool pro’s desire for the perfect 8 ball pool table was achieved.

Through Aztec Coin, pub, club, holiday park and amusements operators can now offer their customers the Blackball Tables’ experience, ultimately encouraging increased length of play and, as such, increased cashbox performance.

“Pool tables are still a very important part of pub life and where space permits they remain a must have piece of kit that can entice teams of keen players,” said Aztec Coin’s Richard Monk. “Our partnership with Blackball Tables means we can now offer operators one of the highest quality tables on the market, in a variety of custom finishes. Furthermore, with Aztec Coin, operators receive a consistently high standard of customer service, spare parts are in stock ready to go therefore machine downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.”

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