K1 Speed heralds first Bandai Namco VR installation

K1 Speed Bandai Namco VR installation
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California’s K1 Speed indoor-go kart racing track has announced the integration of a range of Bandai Namco titles as part of its new VR Zone Portal.


The Irvine site, the first of 40 K1 Speed venues to be opened across the globe since 2006, has launched the virtual gameplay area as a new complement to its popular electric kart track.

“The new VR Zone Portal Irvine is currently up and fully operational,” said K1 Speed irvine via social media on 13 June. “Stop on by for our grand opening.”

“This new attraction features Mario Kart, Argyle Shift, Ski Rodeo, and Worlds Largest Pac Man. Come on in and be one of the first to try out this all-new experience!”

The partnership heralds another a significant step forward in the growth of VR, with the first installation in the Californian branch designed to appeal to tech-savvy West Coast gamers.

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