JNC: Kiddie rides to down the very last detail

Sam Coleman Sales Executive JNC Sales Kiddie Rides
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They say the devil is in the detail, but for JNC sales executive Sam Coleman this is where a good kiddie ride can become a great one – especially after it’s gone through the company’s rigorous testing process.


When JNC scours the market for the best kiddie rides, it’s looking for those extra details that make all the difference to the overall ride experience, explained the company’s Sam Coleman.

Indeed, kiddie rides can’t just get by with going up and down anymore; they have to be immersive and interactive, giving players not just something to sit on, but something to do.

“We’re always looking for extra features – for example Captain Jack has a ball-shooting element to it, Happy Bus has its interactive features, and of course there are many kiddie rides that have the ticket option too which gives them another attraction,” detailed Coleman. “A very popular ride we had a few years ago, Go Go Pony, can now offer ticket options, and with tickets the kiddie ride becomes part of the redemption ecosystem, which it has historically been separated from.”

And with kiddie rides becoming more sophisticated in recent years, JNC has seen the market widen to include not only FECs, but also other indoor entertainment venues.

“Over the last few years we’ve seen increased interest from a variety of indoor leisure attractions such as soft play, trampoline parks, and other venues where people are trying to utilise all their space with extra entertainment,” said Coleman. “As much as these family-oriented operations need to make sure there is something for elderly members (classic pushers, cafes, etc), there is also the need to occupy the youngest in the family.”

This is where kiddie rides come into their element, especially when they engage kids with exciting features, as well as the usual lights, movements and sounds. In fact, to ensure they only supply machines with this important tenet, JNC test all equipment rigorously at their own FECs so that only the highest quality kiddie rides reach the market.

“As we pick out new machines for 2020, we’ll put them in our own arcades first to get feedback on them and iron out any issues, and that way, when they reach operators, the product will be proven both technically and in terms of cashbox performance,” concluded Coleman. “The kiddie ride sector remains strong in the UK and is growing abroad, and it’s JNC’s mission to ensure this demand is met with only the best, feature-packed machines on the market.”

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