King’s Lynn residents take to the skies with new VR experience

Kings Lynn VR experience
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A new VR entertainment centre in King’s Lynn has opened its doors, offering a range of immersive experiences, including racing, flying, roller coasters, extreme sports, and shooting games.


The Paxman Road site saw visitors flock to experience the virtual world on 8 June, its first day of trading, with owner Jason Fey stating many more are set to return.

“People who came along to the opening to try out the simulators and games said they were very exciting and were looking forward to telling their friends about it and coming back,” Fey told media.

“The simulators let people step into another world. It’s very immersive. With the visual and audio stimulation, it gives people an adrenalin pump.”

The site’s Star Twin Seat VR utilises vibrational VR and interactive motion sensors, while Eagle Flight recreates the feeling of weightlessness, with experiences available including flying over Paris, luging, ocean diving, skydiving, parachuting and rafting.

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