Nakhorn celebrates four years in Soho’s Las Vegas

Toby Nanakhorn Las Vegas Soho Dance
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It’s nice when life presents you with an opportunity to pause and reflect on how something worked out exactly as it should have done. And that’s what happened recently, as Toby Nanakhorn of Las Vegas Arcade Soho celebrated four years in situ in the current premises on London’s Wardour Street.


The millennial arcade enthusiast makes regular use of social media to build and maintain a player-base at the young-adult oriented, video heavy FEC, and took to Facebook last week with a new video showing off the latest the arcade had to offer.

“Could you even have imagined this starting from a few pool tables and machines four years ago,” wrote Nanakhorn. “The arcade scene was on life support I proved that games can make money, and more importantly current gen millennials will play, [but] only if you give them a reason to.”

Nanakhorn went on to argue that the apparent “death” of the video arcade in wake of the upsurge in home console ownership in the 1990’s was not only temporary, but also far from inevitable.

“Consoles didn’t kill arcades, owners did,” he maintained. “They didn’t bother or care to find out what actually works when it became more than ‘put random cabinet in and hope it makes cash.”

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