Nottingham prepares for head-to-head free-roam VR

Zero Latency Free Roam VR
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The city of Nottingham is to lead the world in a virtual reality first this summer, as it prepares to host the debut competitive VR shooter experience from Zero Latency.


The company opened up shop in the local intu shopping centre last October, and offered its initial customers a co-operative zombie-shooter immersive experience, in which players teamed up to free roam around a warehouse-like space, complete with military-style backpacks and rifles.

But as of this July, the operator’s newest game Sol Raiders will be the first in the world to offer users a free-roam, head-to-head death match, in which two teams of four go up against each other in three futuristic- themed environments.

“With more than 20,000 players having already played our free-roam VR games in Nottingham, and the growing popularity of eSports, we’ve seen a huge demand from players who want to compete against each other in head-to-head action,” said John Lilley, who heads up Zero Latency owner meetspaceVR. “This concept is so exhilarating. You are in there with your team and pitted against another. Communications, speed of thought and hand eye co-ordination add up to winning the prize or looking back and working out how to get better next time! eSports now has a calorie count!”

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