Online age-restrictions simple to beat, say experts

Online Age Verification
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New restrictions designed to prevent underage access to both gaming sites and pornographic content will be easy to outmanoeuvre, according to experts.


New LCCP conditions stipulate that remote operators must verify the ages of all UK-based customers before they’re able to deposit funds into a play account, whilst a globally unprecedented nationwide porn block is due to come into effect on July 15th: which will enforce all UK traffic to adult websites to pass an enrolment and age-verification process.

The porn block in particular has been decried by privacy campaigners on the basis that it will demand all UK users to submit proof-of-age documentation (such as passports or drivers licences) to access adult material, but further criticism has been levelled at how simple the process will be to get around: with low-cost Virtual Private Networks (VPN) easily available to mask a user’s IP address and geographic locale.

The same technology could (and most definitely will) be put to use within the context of online betting.

“This new regulation is about making the internet safer and helping to prevent children from accidentally accessing adult content,” CEO of age-verification specialist Yoti told last week. “Unfortunately it will be difficult to stop the most determined young person who may try and use a VPN to access online gambling services [and age restricted content or services], but this regulation is a step in the right direction to help safeguard minors.”

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