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Park Avenue will once more be bringing the leading lights of the industry to London for one of the most anticipated events of the year. And as ever, these is much to discuss, comments Matthew Deith, director, Harry Levy Amusements.


“The Open Day is placed perfectly to bring the industry together as the summer really gets going,” Matthew Deith said with enthusiasm. “Whilst there is a more relaxed atmosphere around the day it’s not a case of time off for those involved. We will be hard at work catching up with customers, suppliers and friends, analysing how the market is shaping up and planning for not just this one summer, but for the years ahead.”

Regarding key talking points of the day he added: “Redemption is still huge in the market, so I can see a lot of talk being about that, but Virtual Reality, cashless solutions, the FOBT stake reduction and issues/opportunities around Brexit will also be key topics going forward. It is always crucial for the industry to be looking ahead.”

This progressive focus is no clearer than at Harry Levy itself. Deith drew particular attention to the first rollout of the Kwikpay cashless solution as an example of this.

“We have rolled out Kwikpay across the entirety of our Southsea location,” he told us. “This means that every machine on the floor supports payments made through the app and it has all gone extremely smoothly. The wider consumer market has accepted cashless payments and we are incredibly excited to bring this technology to the arcade space.”

Virtual reality amusements are another area in which Harry Levy is helping to lead the charge, with the company already holding a number of best-in-class attendant-free units.

“Over the early year trade shows we really saw a change in mindset. Some operators maybe in the past had been skeptical about player uptake, but they’re sold now. Units like Rabbids Wild Ride and Beat Saber have not only been readily accepted by customers, but they are posting massive cash box figures,” commented Deith.

“As a company we always try to stay ahead of the curve and we really see Virtual Reality as a key growth area. We have a good head start and we won’t be letting this slip any time soon,” he said.

There are clearly a number of issues that the industry will have to navigate in the near future, primarily the impact of increased regulation and legislative changes. It is however, through increased cooperation that these can be best surmounted, said Deith, and shows like the Park Avenue Open Day are a reason to be positive.

“There will of course be market changes ahead, be it regulation, legislation, or consumer habits. The way forward will always be for those in the industry to pull together, share ideas, share information, and work out the best course of action. Events like the Open Day can be key to this. They bring everyone together in one place and really highlight the positivity and cooperation within the market. The landscape has changed before and we’ve overcome it, and I’m confident we can overcome anything on the horizon.”

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