Mumbles Pier to reopen for limited summer season

Mumbles Pier
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The owners of Mumbles Pier have announced plans to reopen the attraction for a limited period at the end of May, as refurbishment work continues on the 121- year old structure.


The Swansea landmark, operated by Ameco, will reinstate access to the far end of the pier, as the latest phase of development is considered by Swansea Council.

“Plans are in hand for a temporary re-opening of Mumbles Pier for the summer season (hopefully at the end of this month,)” said a statement from the Mumbles Pier Project.

“This will allow access to the RNLI station. Refurbishment work will resume around September along with construction of a new foreshore boardwalk.” More details, they said, were “to follow.”

Ameco announced in April that the pier is set to be revitalised as a commercial, artistic and entertainment hub, including “reinstatement of the kiosks along the pier stem” and “a new use as a multipurpose exhibition centre for the iconic former lifeboat house.”

The pier project is part of a larger £35m redevelopment of the foreshore, with proceeds from the latter funding “an ambitious and sustainable restoration project” after the landmark failed to attract grant aid.

Though Welsh Government had floated opposition to the move in November, December 2018 saw the residential development receive full planning approval.

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