NSM’s ICON taking background music to the fore

Alex Kirby NSM Music ICON background music
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Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Music is reporting a surge in interest in its ICON background music technology – including testing on Brittany Ferries.


In a welcome success story for the coin-op industry, a growing number of bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels, hairdressers, shops and boats (!) looking for an unattended music solution are opting for NSM’s ICON platform.

NSM’s Alex Kirby confirmed:“ We’re seeing our ICON background music system placed in increasingly diverse environments throughout the country – and even beyond our shores. NSM Background MusicThe fight to get the public out of their homes and to spend their time and money in public spaces has never been fiercer. Background music will always have that power: the ability to create an atmosphere that just can’t be replicated at home. I think ICON is another great example of how innovation in our industry is able to provide entertainment solutions that benefit a lot of other sectors.”

NSM’s Icon Background Music system provides a Samsung Galaxy tablet (in a protective bracket) able to access 120,000 tracks for just over £200, and a fiver a month rental.

Pre-defined playlists can be created to sooth or stir customers, cross-fading produces DJ quality mixing and auto-shuffling keeps the music fresh. 3,000 songs, dragged and dropped from NSM’s database, can be stored offline and ready to play.

Kirby continued: “Once it’s programmed, ICON is like having a DJ in the room at a fractionNSM Background Music of the cost of hiring one. We’re seeing bars and pubs creating dedicated playlists and staging 70s, 80s and 90s, country and rock nights driving footfall and wet sales aplenty. Once ICON customers have created a playlist that best suits their locations, they press and play and the job’s done.”

NSM’s ICON is also protected by the UK’s PPL Licence, a fact which Kirby is keen to promote.


“We continue to see businesses using personal Spotify accounts as background music in a commercial, public spaces which is highly illegal,” he explained. “Many of these businesses are unaware of this fact and could be caught out. ICON is a chance to have fully legal access to the latest pay to play music without the threat of hefty fines.


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