Garth Pier in need of £600k for additional restoration

Garth Pier Bangor
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Bangor City Council are stumped as to how they’ll raise an additional £600,000 to help complete restoration work on Garth Pier.


Legislators had set aside £1.3m for the project at the commencement of repairs in August of 2017, but surveys undertaken in June last year found the extent of metal decay of some of the trusses supporting the Grade II-listed building was far worse than originally thought: and the pier head has been closed ever since.

As it stands, 69 of the pier’s 75 trusses have now been replaced, but the unanticipated extra costs have left city planners scratching their heads as to how they’ll drum up sufficient cash to complete the job.

“There’s nothing that’s not in our minds,” the town’s mayor John Wyn Jones told the Bangor Seren. “We’re even thinking about crowdfunding.”

Meanwhile, Wyn Jones has insisted that local ratepayers will not bear the brunt of the next fundraising, arguing that locals had already “footed their share of the bill over the years.”

Nevertheless, the council remains steadfast in its determination that the work will be completed properly, delayed timeframe be damned.

“You only need to look at Colwyn Bay where maintenance wasn’t done and it fell into the sea,” said Garth Councillor Huw Wyn Jones. “Unfortunately that’s what happens with piers if you don’t maintain them – for me, that makes it even more important that we look after this one and make sure it’s here for generations to enjoy in the future.”

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