Fight not over for BBPA despite positive pub figures

BBPA Fight positive pub figures
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The British Beer and Pub Association has stated the industry “cannot be complacent,” despite a recent report from Altus Group highlighting a 44 percent decline in pub closures over the last seven years.


The report from the commercial real estate firm, which states almost 1,000 UK pubs closed last year, observed business rate reductions significantly contributed to pub closures falling from 138 per month in 2012, to 76 per month during 2018.

“It is great that pub closures decreased last year, and Altus Group is right that the Government’s support on business rates for smaller pubs has helped ease the decline,” said CEO Brigid Simmonds.

“However, too many pubs are still closing because of huge tax pressures from elsewhere, especially from eye-wateringly high beer duty and VAT, so we cannot be complacent.”

“On a typical pint we pay 46 pence in beer duty and cutting this is one of the best ways to help pubs. Pubs pay on average £140,000 in tax each year.”

“This is why we support the Long Live the Local campaign, which is calling for a cut in beer tax, and as the BBPA we continue to ask for more help on business rates.”

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