FEC operators turn to SmartHUB to record customer interactions for updated LCCP

Blackpool SmartHUB Seaside FEC
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As well as being the industry’s leading self-exclusion solution, IHL Tech’s SmartHUB is being utilised by FEC operators as an affordable and easy to use compliance tool to fulfil last October’s new LCCP requirements.


Seaside FECs are increasingly demonstrating a stronger commitment to the latest licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) requirements through the use of IHL Tech’s SmartHUB solution.

The updated LCCP advises FEC operators to keep a record of all customer interactions that take place in their venue, presenting a potentially time-consuming task for staff members who interact with customers on a daily basis. However, in a climate of heightened interest from both the regulator and wider interest groups, many FECs are ensuring they have the industry’s leading solution in place to fulfill LCCP requirements while continuing normal operation. Already used in hundreds of high street AGCs, FECs, and more recently the Bingo Association for all its members clubs, SmartHUB offers an accessible and affordable compliance solution to operators along Britain’s coast.

“SmartHUB allows the FEC operator to record quickly and clearly both positive and negative age verification incidents along with customer conversations,” explained IHL Tech’s Howard Gant. “The fact that it covers all the important steps to evidence social responsibility while allowing FECs to continue to run effectively is a big appeal to operators. Furthermore, our recent addition of Test Purchasing and ADR, two further LCCP requirements, have really pushed SmartHUB to the next level. For the cost of pennies a day, SmartHUB provides an easy to use solution to the current compliance challenges facing the FEC sector.”

One such challenge is an increased interest in the sector from the Gambling Commission. In the 11 years since the Gambling Act was introduced, the FEC sector is one of the areas of the industry that has been impacted the least. However, as the regulator sets more of a focus on protecting young people, operators have been responding by demonstrating a stronger commitment to the updated LCCP requirements.

“Whilst it goes without saying that all premise operators of Cat B and Cat C products should be providing sector self-exclusion to their customers as part of their LCCP requirements, we can see that more is going to be expected of Licenced FEC venues,” concluded Gant. “The digital, out-of-the-box, assisted compliance that SmartHUB provides is something FEC operators are turning to for a solution. In fact, if the results of our recent roadshows are anything to go by, the appetite for this simple yet very effective compliance tool is going to grow and grow.”

Gant and his team will be at the InterGame Expo at Leeds on 30 April and 1 May.

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