Bulldog’s ability to deliver the FUN factor is proving just the ticket for operators

Bulldog Games PAC MAN Pusher
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Following its dramatic introduction to the UK amusements sector in January 2018, the Bulldog range has quickly established a reputation for delivering the FUN that the industry is famous for, which lies at the very heart of the seaside experience and which has stood the test of time.


The ability to stand out from the crowd is a quality that Bill Cain, Operations Manager of Cain’s Amusements, considers crucial. He explained: “The key thing we’ve found with Bulldog products is the sound and appearance of them is so attractive to customers which makes them stand out from other machines on the floor – a key advantage in an arcade. Bulldog’s machines are a premium product, which obviously comes with a premium price, but they’re definitely the better product which is proven in the cashbox performance.”

He added: “Nothing is more important than pushers on the arcade floor for us. As a family run business, pushers are absolutely essential as a centrepiece product and when they are that important you need great quality products to support you and Bulldog provide that in spades. They’ve got off to a flying start as a company in pushing the development of these machines.”

Bill’s take on licensed product is equally incisive and illuminating: “With licenced products, it’s not all about being brand new, obviously it does help and the machines are more instantly recognisable but their selections really appeal across generations. The DOND is known more by older generations and with Pac-Man, the classic arcade game, it’s a familiar brand which really fits into the feel of the site. Then you have Cops and Robbers where you have a roll down affect providing fun for all the family as they can look around and see the three player ticket and old fruit machines with the branding on, so people recognise the sound as well which all adds to its popularity and playability. For us licensed products do help and the investment is shown in the cashbox. What distinguishes Bulldog product is they combine the recognised licences with the high quality look and feel of the machines and the premium service. Putting all this in one package is what sets them apart!”

Charles Thurston, Managing Director of Thurston Management Services Limited at the Silver Slipper and The Mint, is a leading exponent of Bulldog’s build quality. The Silver Slipper features a large number of pushers on its site, providing customers with a wide range of classic arcade options. Since its installation, Bulldog’s Cops N’ Robbers four-player pusher has more than held its own according to Thurston. “Cops N’ Robbers has been up against some of the most established pushers available and despite only being a four bed it’s done very well against some of its main rivals both in terms of customer demand and cashbox. All our pushers are centrepieces in our arcade and Bulldog’s licence choices and high-end aesthetic has definitely helped them stand out. What they’ve done with their branding is they’ve picked classic styling which is relevant in the arcade, this leads to instant success and the machines won’t date which is a key factor in terms of the value of the investment. Cops N Robbers as well as Pac-Man have been around for a very long time, so I’m sure these great pushers will still be around and just as popular in 20 or 30 years time!”

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