JNC Sales: Bringing “something different” to the seaside

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JNC Sales is looking to bring something different to the seaside this summer comments managing director Tom Clarke and sales executive Sam Coleman with technological updates on classic concepts leading the charge.


Coinslot: For a company that knows coastal locations pretty well, how important are seaside operations to the UK amusements industry?

Tom Clarke: “FEC operations on coastal locations align perfectly with the JNC product range, as we focus on distributing products that can be played and enjoyed by the whole family. It has been clear to us so far this year that our new product range has been successful because they merge traditional concepts with updated technology and gameplay, and have been designed to appeal for children and adults. There has certainly been a buzz around coastal operations recently, and a strong start to the year for many because of the weather and a cultural focus on family staycations hopefully bodes well for operators this year.”

CS: What products and genres are hitting the mark ahead of this summer?

Sam Coleman: “Space Reels (five player round ticket pusher) has certainly impressed, aided by modifications to the machine and also special offers that has allowed operators to try the pusher for themselves. JNC’s new two player ballshooters, Ice Cream Paradise and Dino Land, have continued on from where their predecessors (the one player mini ball shooters such as Monster Mayhem and Dino Adventure) left off, their popularity reflected in their value for money and ability to vend either tickets or capsules. Our new bowling games, Forest Bowling and Fantasy Bowling, are also ones to watch this year. They are great looking machines with really effective gameplay that have been designed to cater for the whole family.”

CS: The great British seaside is unique in its traditional offering. Are you seeing any signs of shift in this from operators?

TC: “Our focus is on supplying the best range of new and used machines for our customers. With our new lines, we have tried to focus on the demand to offer machines that offer that ‘something different’ and immerse players in games that they would not get at home, like Fantasy Bowling and Pumpkin Party. There is still a need to supply operators with machines that are considered ‘tried and tested’ that can also offer lower financial outlay, so JNC’s side range of new and used machines does offer operations a great opportunity to be selective in their diversity and general approach to the season.”

CS: The British seaside is in the midst of a comeback. What’s behind this?

SC: “There’s been a lot of investment into many UK sites which has really added to the feel-good factor for the British seaside. I think the British public are now appreciating the beauty of our country with the added security of holidaying closer to home.”

CS: New trends and innovation are key to any sector, what areas of development are you looking into for the seaside market?

TC: “We spend a lot of time trying to find and develop machines that we believe are going to be successful for arcades, and we have to consider the balance between innovation and a strong concept when we choose to distribute new lines. New products such as Gear Up, a driving game for children that pays out tickets, and Ice Gear Paradise, the two player ball shooter, are typical of our aim to bring in products that are hugely interactive for families to be able to play at the same time to offer a shared playing experience that they can look back on years down the line.”

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