Instance Automatics at the top of its game

Instance Automatics Treasure Cove redemption and Fantasy Soccer video
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Instance Automatics has a top reputation for the uniqueness, quality and income generation in the machines it manufactures and supplies.This year the UK-based family company is offering a fantastic range of machines covering video, vending, redemption and amusement. Of note are a number of new releases from UNIS.


Shown at EAG for the first time Fantasy Soccer is a fast-paced multiplayer football game where you can play two vs two on a single machine or link two machines for four vs four match, to accommodate a range of venue needs. Players control one team member at a time using the joystick accelerating the speed and switching players and then physically kick the football to interact.

Ticket Falls is another unit to look out for this summer.

“This funky 1-4 player pusher-style prize machine brightens up any entertainment venue as it pushes prizes over the edge and into the prize chute to win,” commented Ian Eason, managing director at Instance Automatics.

“Ticket Falls is an ideal pusher using any small prizes that are easy to scoop with a numerical LCD display and a push button to control the scoop. Especially useful is the automatic refill system for replenishing prize-items, saving you and your staff time and energy.”

Atari Pong Instance AutomaticsAlso from UNIS is Treasure Cove. The unit features an impressive 75” LED monitor, which certainly leaves a lasting impression. The two-player fishing game is perfect for all ages, and has a realistic reel with tension mechanisms. There are four maps to collect which lead you to the bonus stage. Using skill, timing and technique players can win a bounty of extra tickets if they can catch the Lobster King character.

Following the amazing success of the stylish Atari Pong Table, the brand new ticket version of Pong Arcade was released at EAG in London this year to a very excited audience. This beautiful game table has adjustable operator settings with a coin mechanism and is DBV ready. The water resistant and sealed top means it is hardwearing and resilient for daily use as a table and the top lifts for easy playing field access, also with extendable height capability. The Pong Table has both one and two player game modes with three levels of play: easy, normal and expert.

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