Navy successfully destroys Southend Pier’s unexploded bomb

Southend Pier, Navy, destroys, unexploded bomb
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An unexploded bomb, found in the vicinity of Southend Pier and thought to be a remnant of WWII, was discovered to be a Victorian-era explosive shell before being detonated by the RN Bomb Disposal unit.

The ordnance, which had prompted the pier owners to close the attraction for the day on 4 March, was found just 30 metres from the 130-year old structure.
The police kept the scene secure while Royal Navy Southern Diving Unit Two was deployed to examine the situation,” said a spokesperson for the Royal Navy.
The Royal Navy team waited until low water in the evening, when the device was safely destroyed. The device was thought to be a British rifled muzzle-loading projectile.
Following the closure, safety cordons were placed along the beach, with a spokesperson for Southend Pier advising visitors “not to walk out onto the beach to get a better view of what is happening.”

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