Mumbles Big Apple attains listed status

Mumbles Pier
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Nearly 90 years on from its construction, an iconic ice- cream kiosk on Mumbles Pier has been granted listed building status by the Welsh Government.

The iconic, apple-shaped Big Apple stand has been something of a local attraction in Swansea for generations. Built in the 1930’s as part of a marketing campaign promoting cider, the Big Apple was one of several similar kiosks constructed in a number of the UK’s coastal resorts at the time – but all except the Mumbles apple have since succumbed to the sands of time.
The Swansea apple itself had a close call back in 2009, when it came off much the worse for wear after a run-in with a Ford Fiesta. The structure was partly demolished by the impact with the vehicle, but such was its status with local residents that 27,000 of them signed up to sup- port a funding effort for its rebuilding.
Whilst repairs proved more tasking than anticipated due to the building having originally been set in place with a spherical con- crete mould, the Big Apple was fully resurrected in 2010.
Fast forward another decade, and last week saw the heritage arm of the Welsh state Cadw recognise the structure as a “rare and unusual” example of a seaside kiosk.
Speaking on behalf of Mumbles Pier owners Ameco, Bert Bollom said the company was “really pleased” to hear of the building’s new protected status.


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