NSM reports impressive contactless sales

NSM Music
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NSM are driving the cashless concept in music provision at venues across Britain and it’s making its mark. Alex Kirby prepares us for the ultimate question: “Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you?

Leading jukebox manufacturer NSM Sales has announced Q1 sales figures which underline claims that a cashless Britain is closer than we might think.
An astonishing 75 percent of jukeboxes sold by the Leeds-based company in the UK during January, February and March carry NSM’s contactless technology.
It’s a surge that has prompted NSM’s Alex Kirby to comment: “It’s a strange phrase to use but the penny seems to have dropped on contactless. Operators realise that unless jukeboxes carry contactless payments methods, it’s increasingly difficult for them to make money – and there’s money to be made.
“Because music lovers are no longer restricted by the amount of change they’re carrying, they’re using Apple/Android Pay and cards to enjoy more and more of our massive database of music.”
Interestingly, the use of contactless payment methods is not restricted
tech-savvy youngsters either.
Kirby continued:“When we released contactless to the market, we thought it would be used mainly at the sites where there was a strong 18-25 demo- graphic. There are case studies where that’s true: A Glasgow University is taking an astonishing £200 every week. However, what we’ve witnessed is that older crowds are market knows their way around tech too.”
On the subject of tech, the increased revenue being recouped by operators isn’t the only good news surrounding contactless payment.
NSM use the Nayax Onyx contactless system and back office which offers to a glut of statistics, analysis and alerts.
Kirby explained:“Nayax Onyx is a brilliant bit of soft- ware which allows operators to stay right on top of things – 24 hours a day they can see how much punters are spending and when. They can be alerted when their machines are turned on, when they’re off, if there’s a problem or it’s not been turned on for a little while. They’ll see jukebox totals at individual sites and across the whole estate in real time – the digital environment makes things so much easier for jukebox operators.”
The shift to contactless is creating a new roles at
NSM too. The jukebox experts are already employing technicians in new numbers as well as web and app developers working on improved NSM jukebox software platforms set for a Q2/Q3 release.
Kirby concluded:“The digital economy is here and good news for everyone. I honestly think, in the not too distant future, children will quizzically ask: Did you really carry bits of metal and paper around with you, Dad?”

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