GeWeTe: Form follows functionality

GeWeTe, Edmundson
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The ability to offer the best in multifunction cash handling solutions has led GeWeTe to a place of prominence in a market that remains as robust as it is innovative, commented Mark Edmundson, sales manager UK and Ireland.

The UK payment landscape is a constantly evolving one and as such those working within the market must endeavor to keep pace. Whilst statistics show that the wider retail space is moving at a pace towards a cashless future, hard currency remains resilient, commented Mark Edmundson, GeWeTe sales manager, UK and Ireland.

“Cash transactions are still very high volume through our machines, be it breaking notes into coins, bulk coins into notes, ticket redemption or staff transactions.We believe there will always be customers wanting to use cash in all sectors,not just gaming and amusement,” said Edmundson.

“We are seeing an increase in operators asking about TITO which is a stepping stone to debit card to ticket transactions, especially now more and more ATMs are being taken off sites and disappearing from the high street and operators needing to find a way to offer a debit card service to their customers.”

This ability to cater to the evolving needs of operators has seen GeWeTe develop a range of innovative products that can maximise site efficiencies, cash security and customer interaction.

“Security and traceability of transactions is a vital part of any site operation and cash handling system or TITO transactions.The GeWeTe range of machines have a full audit trail and transaction log to allow the operators to check every transaction at the machine or remotely,”added Edmundson.

“With floor space at a premium and the operational control being kept to a minimum level, by having a multifunctional machine allows a site to have one machine offering a range of services to the customer and improve security at the same time.”

Over the past year GeWeTe’s multi-functional Cash Recycler has continued to resonate with operators and in turn maintained its position as a market-leading solution, enthused Edmundson.

“Our Cash Recycler continues to be the most popular model offering all the functions mentioned above in a single secure cabinet. The fact that our customers can call a dedicated hotline number and get advice or assistance is a vital part of our service and support and in the majority of cases issues are resolved over the phone quickly and effectively.”

In terms of the market going forward Edmundson touched on a number of key themes arising from operator feedback.

“Debit/contactless card transactions and promotional tickets are the main topics at the moment, both of which are available on the GeWeTe range of machines and working in conjunction with all GBG TITO systems including our own MARS data capture and TITO system.

“Operators want a multi-functional machine offering as many services as possible in a secure and reliable machine, GeWeTe offer this in a vast range of models and options.We now have a single machine that can offer banknote to coin, bulk coin to note, ticket redemption, membership card accounts, debit card acceptance and staff account functions making it a fully automated cash desk/safe in a single secure cabinet.”

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