Multifunctional cash handling solutions

GeWeTe, Multifunctional, cash handling, solutions
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For more than 25 years GeWeTe have been manufacturing high quality, secure and reliable cash handling solutions and now has more than 60,000 machines installed worldwide.

“We are a global player and our extensive range offers a solution for Casinos, Sports Betting, AGC’s, FEC’s and many more applications making us the largest manufacturer of cash handling solutions and market leader in many countries around the world,” said the company.
“Our PC based technology enables us to offer cash and cashless solutions together with TITO, or as an additional feature to add at a later date as your business changes to meet market conditions.”
The introduction and popularity of contactless and Chip and Pin transactions via debit and credit cards has now become a part of everyday lives and GeWeTe has evolved to incorporate the facility to handle card transactions.
One main advantage of the GeWeTe range is the ability to have a multifunctional cash handling solution in one secure cabinet. Not only do GeWeTe machines provide a standard cash in cash out service, they can also be redemption system, staff cash float dispenser and deposit system.
“The security of our cabinets is one of the best in the market and with the volume of cash increasing in change machines this has to be a major point to consider when purchasing such equipment,” said the company.
In addition to the cash handling solutions the GeWeTe Machine Administration Reconciliation System (MARS) solution offers a complete TITO and back office accounting system for all operators large and small.
Having now had over three years experience and input from a number of major operators, the system has been proven and already has over 10,000 machines connected.
The system can be used as a TITO solution, or just data capture or for complete control of the venue. GeWeTe can offer both TITO and data capture with the data all at your fingertips via your mobile device 24/7 anywhere in the world.
“Together with sister companies we can offer the complete package from initial site survey to identify the equipment required for each machine, cabling of the venue, installation of the TITO kits and connection to the system to the ongoing service and support offering you a total one stop shop.”

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