Harry Levy: Caterpillar is a new classic

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Harry Levy’s three and six player pushers have been causing quite the stir since their recent market debuts and appear set to be a key installation this summer.

Harry Levy is renowned for its in-house designed pusher units. The products have been a hallmark of the UK FEC landscape for some time now and the latest in this long line of success, the Caterpillar three and six player pushers, are ready to bolster machine estates this coming season.
Offering low-cost, high-engagement entertainment and appealing to the broadest possible demographics pushers are a veritable institution of the British leisure landscape. The Caterpillar three and six player pushers are designed to build on this classic success whilst bringing to market the latest in product design and game technology. With its reduced footprint, well-known Harry
Levy quality and an attractive price point the three player variant is the perfect choice for the operator looking to maximise returns per square foot.
The six player features all the same bells and whistles but with the benefit of added playing position to really increase its draw factor and engagement results.
Previous entries in the pusher family – Ladybug and Busy Bee – have consistently posted impressive on-site performance figures over the past years and the latest Caterpillar, in both its six and three player iterations, looks set to continue this trend.

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