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Pusher units have been a mainstay of the UK leisure market for generations and owing to diligent work all through the supply chain the sector is remaining as relevant and profitable as ever, commented Harry Levy commercial director, Matthew Deith.

ushers are as important to the UK leisure gaming market as they have ever been, Matthew Deith, commercial director at Harry Levy argues. And this is the likely pattern for sometime to come:inter-generational appeal, consistent player engagement and strong cash box returns all mean that this success is unlikely to wane any time soon.
“Pushers form the backbone of many,many operations,not only seaside locations,” commented Deith. “They’re a timeless piece.From kids to grandparents pushers continue to grab the attention of players year after year and consistently generate strong cash box returns.”
This strength was affirmed at EAG earlier this year with Harry Levy’s three and six player Caterpillar pushers garnering a great deal of attention,standing out amongst some of the hottest units around. “We had both the Caterpillar
three and six player variants at EAG as well as Snakes and Ladders and the response was incredible.At Harry Levy we have everything from huge straight units to compact rounds and everything in between. Whatever operators need,be it in terms of space,price point,or branding,we have it in stock with us,ready to dispatch,and of course with the Harry Levy quality we are, and have always been, known for.”
Whilst the pusher market is a historic one, it is not to say that it is rooted in the past, stressed Deith. There is a spirit of constant innovation prevalent in the sector from the securing of the hottest licences to livery, lights and internal mechanisms. Such is strikingly evident within the Harry Levy portfolio. From units featuring timeless licences such as Wacky Races and Tom and Jerry, to the consistent new releases from the company’s own stable of in-house designs there is always reason for operators to refresh holding.
“Pushers are evergreen within the UK player mindset.We see our units posting consistent positive performances at piers,seaside arcades, inland FECs,bowling alleys,wherever or whatever the venue is the British public knows and enjoys pushers, it’s a national staple,” said Deith.
“They provide great value for money for the player and can keep entire family units engaged,which is great news then for the operator. Harry Levy has always been on the forefront of the pusher market and we will always strive to be there. This coming year will be no different, we are always working on new innovations and new units to bring to market,” he finished.

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