Bulldog’s bark just as good as its bite

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As the cornerstone attraction of many seaside arcades, FECs and bowling centres throughout the country, the Bulldog collection of licensed and non-licensed products are delivering the key ingredient of FUN and they are doing it in spades. Tony Glanville, managing director of Bulldog’s exclusive distributors, RLMS Sales, focusses on the brand’s Deal Or No Deal and Pac-Man pushers and most importantly their impact on the cash box.

Bulldog’s success in bringing together world class design, exceptional build quality, and high play appeal games has had a profound impact on the cash box with one leading opera- tor recently describing the brand’s performance as being “staggeringly good”. Combining simplicity of play with a sense of theatre and delivering enhanced levels of interaction, Bulldog’s cash box figures are in fact 15 per- cent ahead of games of a similar footprint leading to an ROI which can be as as short as 15 weeks.
Describing the key to the Deal Or No Deal success, Tony Glanville said: “Bulldog’s products have been designed and built with pride in Great Britain and to combine that with a licence which is immediately recognised and loved is a massive attraction, helping to attract customers and their leisure spend.”
Available in 4,6 or 8-bed versions, with ticket redemption or all cash functionality, the Deal Or No Deal pusher has been a core revenue generator for operators, an appeal which is enhanced by payment terms which enable sites to pay as they earn. “The adaptability is second to none with this machine” stated Glanville. “The eight bed is modular in design and can be split into two four-bed pushers if desired and all the parts are included so it can be switched by operators between 2p and 10p as and when they choose.
“Built using industry leading Scorpion6 technology with improved coin diverter design, Deal Or No Deal includes an internal service switch box for quick and easy access to meters and all game set-up functions, giving operators maximum uptime and piece of mind. Bulldog products are also supported by a 364-day-a-year spares and technical line and comprehensive spares kit which is provided to customers foc. This machine really is the best of British centre-piece for any site across the country.”
Bulldog’s standout Pac-Man product, is licensed from Bandai Namco, and was unveiled to much acclaim at this year’s EAG. Glanville commented: “Bulldog has received significant orders for the Pac-Man Pusher which is available in four and eight player formats as well as a Deluxe version which has an option to add a dot matrix top box and backlit front doors, enhancing the game’s visual appeal and Pac-Man branding. Combining the stand out appeal of Pac-Man with the superb quality build that Bulldog is recognised for, is a winning formula and its kerb appeal is such that operators are placing it at the very heart of their arcades and FECs, a strategy that’s creating a talking point and helping to attract customers inside the premises. With tubs of coins and delivering fun for all the family, no product conjures up memories of seaside holidays more powerfully than the coin pusher and Bull- dog really is best of breed.”

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