Lightning strikes at Sims’ 50th

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Sims Automatics, Scotland’s largest independent operator of gaming and amusement equipment, and NSM Music, the UK’s leading jukebox manufacturer are uniting in celebration of two impressive milestones.

1969 might have been all about flower power, but it’s Glasgow-based Sims Automatics who have shown real staying power over the last 50 years – and this month installed their 500th NSM Music jukebox.
Asked for the secret of five decades at the top of their game, Sims’ managing director Scott McGillivray noted: “I’d like to think that Sims Automatics’ success is built on an innate understanding of the industry. We under- stand the importance of meeting our customers’ very diverse demands as efficiently as we can fast, efficient service is key to everything we do.We know how important that is because we’re a group of people steeped in the industry – many of us are second generation, we grew up in households who worked in this unique business. And because many of our customers are often family owned too, we know them and their businesses very, very well.”
The theme of family has,in recent times, come to the fore for the industry in general, according to McGillivray:
“50 years is a long time and a lot has changed, but more recently? I would identify three main developments… the demand for more pleasant places to spend leisure time, a larger growth in appetite for family-orientated products and the rise in digital technology.Those reasons are why we’ve opted for NSM jukeboxes, recently siting our 500th machine. In the last ten years, the NSM jukebox we’ve focused on is the Lightning,we’re big fans.”
McGillivray explained:“The Lightning is quite simply the best looking jukebox on the market.The vibrant touchscreen display and illuminated frame which pulses to the music really catches the eye. It performs in pubs and music venues alike and, for us, it’s costed at a very, very reasonable price.”
Sims’ Danny Boyle added: “NSM machines have a well- earned reputation for longevity. When there is an issue,the technical support I get is always spot on. NSM’s Lightning has been designed with the operator in mind so it’s a simple machine to use. The reduction in the number of coin mechs,as a result of a growing contactless offering, should reduce even further NSM products’ already small downtime.”
On the subject of payment, and looking ahead, McGillivray believes the move towards contactless payment could mark a very positive future pay to play music. She concluded: “Contactless payment and mobile technology could be set to place jukeboxes at the heart of the pub experience.The 18-25 year old demographic, who’ve grown up with contactless payment, already associate their mobile phone with music. Plus, with NSM’s new App about to make it
even easier to play their favourite songs, I’m hopeful that a new contactless generation of music lovers will be gathering round the jukebox for fifty years to come..!’

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