Two Cherries: One industry, one solution for cashless payments and voluntary player tracking

Two Cherries, solutions, cashless payments, voluntary player tracking
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As well as providing the first industry-wide cashless payment solution, Two Cherries has announced its upcoming smartphone app will also include a voluntary player tracking system.

Given time to collect data, this new initiative will allow the industry to start to understand player behaviour across operators, manufacturers and venues, with the Two Cherries’ solution set to provide specific player data for the first time.
“What we see at the moment is a lot of anonymous sessional data, but with information from the smartphone app we’ll be able to understand much more about where customers play and on which machines,” explained Two Cherries’ Howard Gant. “At the moment we don’t know anything about that, so being able to see what customer behaviours are for the very first time is the most exciting aspect of the entire solution for me.”
As well as facilitating payments and providing player data, the app will also include responsible gambling tools as would be seen on online gaming sites.
“Two cherries will do the basics, you will be able to deposit into an electronic wallet, put money onto the machine, and withdraw money back from the machine, but it will also have a string of social responsibility tools you would recognise from online gaming,” continued Gant. “They will enable players to take a time out, limit the amount of time, and set themselves daily, weekly, monthly deposit limits, as well as withdrawal limits.”
With such a comprehensive solution on offer, Two Cherries’ has received significant interest both from conversations with larger operators such as Regal and Gamestec, who are already on board, and from independent operators across the country who read its announcement of the smartphone app in last week’s Coinslot. Indeed, the company’s solution is not just for big companies, it’s also for independent operators of all sizes, across all sectors; pubs, AGCs, bingo halls and LBOs.
Each sector’s player-base will likely increase usage of the app at different speeds, but given the time to embed itself within the wider industry, the Two Cherries smartphone app is set to not only provide a much needed boost to cashboxes, but also completely change the way the industry looks at player data. After a rather flat Triennial Review last year, the Two Cherries app could be the disruptor the industry needs to kickstart further innovation across all sectors.

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