NSM duo a hit with leading trio

NSM Music
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Three of the UK’s leading jukebox suppliers, each NSM customers for over thirty years, have joined forces to applaud the Leeds company’s newest releases – Thunder and Lightning.

Bob Rudd’s Helena Rudd, York Coin’s Steve Elliott and TVC Leisure’s Adam Jenkins have united to sing the praises of NSM’s 2019 portfolio of product.
As marketing director at one of the UK’s largest independent suppliers, untied to any one manufacturer, Helena Rudd is free to choose products based solely on performance. She noted: “NSM’s new Thunder really feels as if the jukebox industry is moving forward. This jukebox has a huge visual impact on site, grabbing customers’ attention as soon as they walk through the door. It is slick and easy to use and we feel sure to increase cash box levels.”
Thunder’s cashbox levels have been very positively affected by NSM’s leading contactless solution. Rudd added: “We are keen to fully trial and roll out contactless payment solutions on our jukebox estate. NSM and Thunder are leading the way with contactless and we are working alongside them to ensure the best solution for everyone.”
She added: “We are also looking to overhaul and update our jukebox estate in the next year; we have high hopes of success given the appeal of contactless to pay for food and drinks in our venues.” Adam Jenkins of TVC Leisure, 30 years a client of NSM, added his voice to the chorus of approval, with Thunder again making big noises: “As a company, TVC Leisure are judged by our ability to supply the best products we can and in NSM’s Thunder I really feel we’re doing just that. If you asked me why it’s so successful, I’d have to say that it’s versatility. The machine is more than just an audio jukebox. As well as offering con- tactless payment, our customers love that the fullsize 32”touch screen features music videos, ad software, karaoke and bingo. It’s a machine which offers performance and value.” Jenkins also commended NSM’s after sales support: I’ve watched over the last 30 years NSM components, in terms of spec, get better and better. On the few occasions we do need a part it’s with us the next day backed up by advice from an informed, approachable technical team. NSM are an easy company to like.”
While NSM heavyweight Thunder continues to take plaudits, NSM’s Lightning has earned equal praise, this time from York Coin. The company has worked with NSM since they produced their first CD jukebox some 35 years ago. York Coin’s Steve Elliott noted: “From out of town locations to city centres, our customers speak very highly of NSM Lightning. It’s a cost- effective audio solution with a 250,000 song database which can be updated on a daily basis. Not only that, it’s backed up by NSM’s excellent support staff – we happily recommend Lightning, and NSM, to other operators.”

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