Industry heads call for nuance at parliamentary seminar

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Two prominent voices from the gambling industry have addressed parliament on the issue of children gambling. A seminar held by the All-Party Betting & Gaming Control Group last Tuesday grilled a panel of industry experts on the degree to which children are engaged in underaged gambling, and on prospective methods to stop its occurrence.

The Rank Group’s director for public affairs David Williams was on hand to set legislators straight. “As an industry, we have been far too slow to cotton on to social concerns and public trends and meet them head on with intelligent and reasonable solutions,” he said. “We are in danger of reducing everything to a permit or prohibit position, and that’s not where we want to be.”
Meanwhile, executive chairman for Sky Betting & Gaming Richard Flint, echoed concerns raised by Williams over what he saw as an “irresponsible” narrative being struck in the media regarding the prevalence of gambling addiction amongst young people. “I would say to many people not close to the gambling industry, by this I include many politicians, this has become the accepted narrative,” said Flint. “Running an online gambling company for 15 years, and choosing like I do, to be available on social media, means I get a lot of data on the reality of the industry.”

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