Conversations continue as Two Cherries targets April testing for industry-wide cashless payment solution

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Speaking to Coinslot about the recently announced smartphone app from Two Cherries, IHL’s Howard Gant outlines the company’s road- map towards providing the entire UK retail gaming industry with one independent cashless payments solution.

After announcing its intention to provide the industry with a cashless payment solution last week, Two Cherries Technologies has revealed just how inclusive the independent company’s new smartphone app intends to be. Indeed, in such a competitive industry, Two Cherries’ Howard Gant emphasised the importance of allowing all operators in all sectors to access its cashless solution, which in turn will lead to further collaboration and shared best practices in the industry.
“We’re having some really exciting conversations, not only with Regaland Gamestec who are already on board, but also with manufacturers such as Reflex for the pub market, and LBO and AGC operators for their respective markets, including members of the Independent Operators Association (IOA),” explained Gant.
“The response has been fantastic since we announced Two Cherries last week, and it’s really key that we speak to as many manufacturers and operators as possible, and let them understand the partners that we are using, what the exact solution is; its far more than just loading and withdrawing cash onto a machine.”
In fact, the Two Cherries’ smartphone app is also set to provide the first industry-wide voluntary player tracking system. With such great potential on the horizon, it’s no surprise that pub retailers are also inquisitive, and initial testing in April is set to show how the app will perform in a live environment. While Gant believes this will reveal the product’s power in terms of both payments and voluntary tracked play, he also acknowledges players will take time to adapt. As such, he describes the cashless payment method as “a solution for tomorrow”, meaning the smartphone app will take some time to really embed itself in the industry-butonceit does, it is set to solve some of the biggest challenges the industry currently faces.
“The machine player base in pubs is shrinking, there’s less people with notes and coins in their pocket, and actually at any given time only 40 percent of people have the cash in their pocket necessary for machine play,” continued Gant. “Cash points have disappeared out of pubs, village pubs in particular, so there’s less and less cash, and less and less players .By creating an app, it opens the field up for everyone to play.”
This will eventually include analogue players too, who will also be able to use the smartphone app by the end of 2019 if all goes to plan. “We’re also having conversations with analogue manufacturers and peripheral providers to create an analogue system not too far behind,”said Gant. “We’re aware that other analogue solutions already exist, and we’re talking to them about our front-end solution being combined with their back-end solution.”
With such an inclusive approach, the Two Cherries’ solution can gain power in numbers. If it’s deployed across a high number of gaming machines, it will have a high number of users, meaning fees can come down across the board. Indeed, with a single strong relationship with banks and data providers, Two Cherries’ single solution approach to payments and player data could be the answer the industry needs to overcome the challenges it faces in 2019. Watch this space.

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