Skegness Pier amusements receives VR boost

Skegness Pier, amusements, VR boost
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Skegness Pier has announced it will launch the Hologate virtual reality game at its venue within the first quarter of this year.

The multiplayer title, which allows players to fight robots, zombies and dragons, will be installed at the landmark pier as part of an amusement expansion.
“This is the fastest growing Virtual Reality system in history and Hologate is the worldwide market leader,” said a statement from the pier.
And they are clearly enthused by the prospects. “Take your friends on an exhilarating adventure in a new reality and experience this fascinating world together. Step into this high-end system and you will forget about pixels and technology as soon you put on the headset.”
The announcement comes ahead of further developments to the pier’s games offering, with a virtual reality simulator set to be unveiled at the venue in the coming months.
The amusement extension will also include “many other fantastic new machines.”

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