Reflex Gaming: Supplying sustainable success

Quentin Stott, Reflex Gaming GamePro
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By delivering the popularity of online titles to the core land-based market via its digital terminals, Reflex Gaming is establishing a new precedent for players and operators alike in PubCos up and down the country. Quentin Stott, managing director of the independent supplier, enthuses on the synergy between digital and pub play, the fallout of April’s cut and the case for contactless at the softer end of the sector.

Do you think pubs will benefit from the reduction in FOBT stake to £2 – will betting shop customers be spending more time in their local community pub as a result?

My personal view is that there won’t be much of a stampede from the LBO market to other sectors of the land based gaming industry as the LBO sector will fight hard to minimise the losses caused by the reduction in B2 stake. If there is more of a spread of players across venues, then I feel that AGCs are better placed to pick up business than pubs, but you never know.

Have you any evidence to show that the profile Reflex has online is leading to greater play of machines in the pub sector?

It’s impossible to measure this but what I can say is there seems to be significant value in game brand recognition across online and land based channels, including games played in pubs.
Despite the fact that the online game supply space is enormously busy, online operators are still looking for credible suppliers that can provide content that is enjoyed by players in the land-based sectors of their core markets. Reflex’s games are currently played on thousands of digital terminals in the UK and our games are being designed with our players in mind, and so are extremely relevant for UK online players too.Operators recognise this and have been happy to work with us on a number of levels to get new games that their players will love.This can be evidenced by some of our UK land based game titles such as Lucky Gems, Safe Cracker and Jurassic Jackpots which have made the successful crossover to online.

Is the Gambling Commission listening to the industry in terms of contactless payments and gaming machines – what are the next steps for the industry?

I’m not sure that there is currently much dialogue between the industry and Gambling Commission about any next steps, other than the Commission’s continuing drive on social responsibility, which we fully understand and support. I do think that there should be some more positive engagement from the Commission regarding how the industry and regulator can work together to agree changes which take our sector forwards whilst keeping in step with the additional social responsibility drive. I have said before that we are very much placed at the softer end of the gambling landscape and therefore should be having different discussions from those in the harder end of the market.

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