Mr P’s Bognor pushes back opening date

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A last minute (and heartbreakingly tough) decision to cancel last weekend’s planned opening of its ambitious new AGC in Bognor Regis was driven by a raft of technical issues. Mr P’s Classic Amusements is racing ahead to set a new date soon.

Have and Amelia Douglas of Mr P’s Classic Amusements were gutted this weekend when,
at the very last moment, it became clear that they would be unable to meet an ambitious schedule which had seen them pin last Saturday as the opening day of their new site in Bognor Regis.
The company, which purposely eschews ticket-redemption machines in preference of the classic AWP experience, already runs three arcades through-out the south of England – and has a fiercely loyal fan-base and community of players (whom the couple affectionately dub “nudgers”), some of which travel long distances for the unique, old-school AWP experience they offer.
Indeed, it seemed a crowd of these faithful nudgers had made the trek down to Bognor in anticipation of the new jewel in the Mr P’s crown: a fact not lost on the Douglas’, who were clearly dismayed at the thought that they’d disappointed their supporters.
“[Our] decision was not made lightly and we want to be able to offer you a great experience but owing to many technical problems we are not able to provide that right now,” wrote management on Facebook. “We appreciate many of you have made extreme effort and plans to attend today. We are sorry.”
Such was the anticipation that some respondents couldn’t contain their disappointment, sentiments that cut deep for the small team at Mr P’s. “This decision wasn’t at all what we wanted; we were so looking forward to sharing this special day with all of you lovely people.”
But alongside frustration was widespread support for the operator’s vision and dedication – which Mr P’s credited as having been “amazing to pick us up at an awful and so sad time.”
One such loyalist was Karl Andrew Taylor, who had travelled 250 miles and booked a two-night stay in Bognor as a self-professed fruity “fanatic,” but was nevertheless still full of love and empathy for the hard- pressed staff.
“I’m truly devastated for Dave and the team – we were there on Saturday morning as they were making the announcement and the heartache was clear to see,” he said. “They were upset that they had let us, the customers, down. Should they have been? No! It’s just one of them things.”
A temporary set-back, but one thing is certain, Mr P’s Classic Amusements has the will and the vast support to push its exciting new venture through.

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