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Having already established itself at the forefront of the Cat C market, the Blueprint dedication to constant improvement remains unwavering, commented Gavin Wright, head of UK sales.

Coinslot: What is it about Cat C units that makes them so popular for both consumers and operators?

Gavin Wright: Category C occupies a unique place at the heart of the UK pub retail sector, as it is something uniquely British. There is a tradition in pubs for a low- stake, relatively low jackpot machine, which is feature-rich and this model has sustained over many years.
Our digital offering has been unrivalled some time and we are exploring the appetite for more slot-style games in our King of Games menus (Titan and Platinum), which are also proving to be a hit with pub-goers.
Category C also continues to prove itself incredibly popular in AGC and bingo sectors and over the past two years we have gained significant amounts of market share in these sectors with our Community CashVault product.

Our research has demonstrated that the players in these environments are very loyal to our games, so we are really pleased with the way they have embraced Blueprint’s products.”

CS:Cat C units are a staple of the UK gaming market, are you seeing any trends in the sector at present?

GW:“We have worked extensively on studying the feasibility of bringing B3 games down to Cat C level without degradation to the B3 cash box – good examples of this have been Eye of Horus and Fishin Frenzy where players can enjoy these at a 20p stake if they wish.
The end result for the operator has been an uplift in Cat C revenue and zero downfall in B3 income. Also in the Pub sector,we have introduced these popular games on the Deal Or No Deal menu which has generated extremely positive results.At Blueprint we are committed to making sure that all of our customers have the best possible content.”

CS: How do you feel changes in consumer trends regarding payment options has, or will impact the Cat C market?

GW:“It’s certainly a hot topic at the moment and as society is becoming increasingly cashless, we obviously need to explore the opportunities of following suit with low stakes machines, but in a responsible way.Blueprint is obviously monitoring the situation closely and will act accordingly and in line with customers’ and also regulators’ wishes.”

CS: How important can a recognisable brand or theme be for a machine’s performance?

GW:“Players are certainly drawn towards popular titles and features that they are familiar with such as Luck of the Irish, which is our most popular branded Pub game.Also when it comes to menu design, we try and maintain a synergy across all our menus – Cat C through to B3 to maintain the player loyalty. Like all humans, players are creatures of habit and feel most comfortable with the products they are used to which plays back into the player brand loyalty concept.”

CS: Are there any launches or plans coming up in your portfolio you would like to highlight?

GW:“As you can imagine we keep a lot of our new ideas under wraps. However, we are heavily focused on expanding connectivity across our customer base and especially with those who take ongoing con- tent. The benefits of going with connectivity are ten-fold with instant and timed game updates that can be tailored to individual sites, or a national campaign, instant shell and firmware updates which reduced technical over- head, instant diagnosis on machine problems sector, remote machine performance monitoring – just to name a few.”

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