Redemption slam dunk with Connect 4 Hoops

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Connect 4 Hoops from Bay Tek was one of the standout redemption units at this year’s EAG and looks set to carry this success into the upcoming summer season says Harry Levy.

Very literally rising head and shoulders above the competition the towering Connect 4 Hoops unit combines the classic connect-four game format with an engaging basketball aspect.
In the game either one or two players shoot baskets and watch as balls fall into place on the LED-projected score board. The first player to align four balls horizontally, vertically, or diagonally on the augmented reality playfield wins!
Featuring an unmissable LED-projected backboard and two player positions – for double the engagement – Connect 4 Hoops is sure to have friends and family alike vying from bragging rights.
Currently available through Harry Levy the unit is already proving popular with operators commented commercial director Matthew Deith.
“Connect 4 Hoops from Bay Tek is an absolute stand out piece. It was incredibly well received at EAG and from what we have seen so far, if operators have the space for it, they’re buying it,” he said.
“With its size and the impressive backboard it has great walk-up appeal and has that great element of friendly competition that players love.”

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