Bulldog is leading the charge for rapid ROI

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Bulldog Games, the brand credited with bringing fresh thinking and energy to the redemption sector, has started 2019 with a flourish underpinned by a commitment to maximise cash box and deliver the fastest possible ROI. Launched at the 2018 edition of EAG Bulldog is reporting an outstanding start to the new year with orders up by 20 percent on the same stage 12 months ago and having secured its first international distribution agreement covering the Middle East.

Tony Glanville, managing director of exclusive UK distributor RLMS Sales, believes the popularity of Bulldog is due to its ability to deliver on a number of fronts. He stated:“To rise to the top, redemption equipment needs to tick certain boxes, in particular games need to be simple to play,create a sense of theatre for the player and, most significantly, enhance the level of interaction.The ability to do this and to do this consistently, is contributing to outstanding cash box figures that are 15 percent above games of a similar footprint and a rapid ROI which can be as short as 15 weeks.”
At EAG 2019 Bulldog grabbed the headlines with a collection of high impact products embracing both licensed and non-licensed games. Helping to get EAG off to a flying start were the pirate themed Ben Bones and a new pusher which carries the universally recognised Pac-Man licensed character. Tony Glanville explained: “Ben Bones is a pirate themed videmption game with a barrel controller which provides the player interaction that’s such an important part of the experience. This allows players to interact with the game by spinning the unique eye-catching barrel to try win the pirate booty, a simple gameplay which is easy for all ages to under- stand. Ben Bones is also adaptable for operators providing total flexibility with a stake range from 10p to £1 and selectable maximum prize awards of up to 5,000 tickets. With its desert island background, high quality pirate sound effects and vibrant, eye-catching graphics, the game’s unique look and theme ensures it stands out in any venue. Ben Bones can also be made available in 65” XLversion.”
Bulldog has received significant orders for the Pac-Man Pusher which is available in four and eight player formats as well as a Deluxe version which has an option to add a dot matrix top box and back-lit front doors, enhancing the game’s visual appeal and Pac-Man branding.
“Combining the stand out appeal of Pac-Man with the superb quality build that Bulldog is recognised for, is a winning formula.” stated Glanville. “Pac-Man remains one of the most popular arcade games of all the time and nearly 40 years after it was launched it is still recognised and loved throughout the world. The kerb appeal of Pac-Man is such that operators are placing it at the very heart of their arcades and FECs, a strategy that’s creating a talking point and helping to attract customers inside the
He added:“This is a joined-up range and what’s particularly pleasing is that orders have been placed across the board, which reflects positively on the strength and depth of the offering.”
Manufactured in the UK, the Bulldog brand is backed by a detailed after sales and technical support service to keep machine downtime to a minimum and maximise cash box income for operators.

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