Suzohapp forging the way with specialist redemption solutions

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Suzohapp is a specialist when it comes to serving the redemption sector and offers a wide range of key products, components and solutions primed for success in the burgeoning UK market.

Suzohapp has strong regional teams based in Chessington and Salford to support customers up and down the country. The ‘PRO’ brands – designed and manufactured by Suzohapp – encompass a great number of solutions. Under the CompetitionPRO and Billiard PRO brands customers can find exactly what they are looking for, from billiard cues, cloth and chalk to pushbuttons, basketballs, touchscreen mallets, aerosols and joysticks.
Change machines play an important role at arcades and FECs. Seaside arcades offer many two pence games and thus change machines have to hold a large volume of coins to change higher value coins into smaller value coins. In this regard the company offers a wide selection of our very own Comestero change machines.
Back office cash count-ing and sorting remains one of Suzohapp’s key markets – notably with its SCAN COIN solutions. One such example is the ICX Active-9 which represents the new mid-range class of sorters and leverages best-in-class technology from the SCAN COIN ICP Active-9 that has become the benchmark for high volume sorters.
Through years of research, development, testing and industry trials, the ICX Active-9 is engineered to be the best at delivering what any coin sorter should – providing excellent flexibility and reliability at a competitive price. Thus, Suzohapp is ideally placed to be the partner of choice to deliver solutions that simplify your sourcing whilst delivering value and exceptional customer service.

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