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The rapid ascension of redemption within the UK gaming market has helped foster a culture of creativity and innovation that shows little signs of slowing, commented Harry Levy commercial director Matthew Deith.

The importance of the UK redemption market in recent years is without question. Growing customer demand for the winning of tickets paired with a strong culture of innovation on behalf of manufacturers has seen the game form move to the forefront of FEC planning and this shows little signs of slowing, commented Harry Levy’s Matthew Deith.
“Redemption continues to be successful for us and the wider market.Players enjoy winning tickets and the calibre of some of the units coming out right now is amazing.Winning tickets and play- ing these games is always going to be popular and that’s why I see the market continuing on this upwards trajectory for some time yet,”he said.
Speaking on product specifics Deith drew particular attention to Connect 4 Hoops, Piano Keys and Willy Crash from Bay Tek and the RingToss unit from Coastal as units with the potential to make a big impact this coming year.
All of the above include a strong mix of electro-mechanical features – one of the key drivers of redemption success,added Deith. This positive market performance has not meant that any laurels have been rested on however,with innovation reaching all corners of the redemption sector – from payment methods, to ticketing solutions, all by way of the gameplay itself.
“There are those looking for cash- less redemption technologies to replace tickets as well as contact solutions for all manner of gaming units. It’s just the way the wider market is going now and it’s what now what large groups of consumers expect as standard,” said Deith.

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