Bulldog pedigree is in the cash box as operators benefit from boost to the bottom line

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RLMS Sales managing director, Tony Glanville, explains how Bulldog’s unique take on family entertainment is ensuring that players of all ages keep on coming back for more.

Bulldog operates in an intensely competitive market, how has the range performed against rival products?

Tony Glanville: The simple answer to that is incredibly well. The data we have, shows that Bulldog products outperform games with a similar footprint by 15 percent which is a big margin and a significant contributor to the bottom line for operators throughout the country. I think the important point to make here is the uplift in income is consistent and it’s not a case of a spike in play immediately following installation. Once an installation is completed we make a point of revisiting the venue and seeing if there’s any fine tuning that we can undertake in partnership with the customer to really maximise the cash box. It’s a great range which is supported by what I believe is a great after sales service and an attention to detail.

Coinslot: Is return on investment the key measure by which a redemption piece is judged?

Tony Glanville:Obviously the more impressive the cash box the quicker the ROI and I think a lot of operators focus on the return on investment they can achieve from their capital investment. Both metrics are influenced by footfall but Bulldog is achieving an ROI which can be as swift as 15 weeks,which is pretty impressive.
What’s the natural home for a Bulldog product – where are Bulldog products being sited? Because the Bulldog range is so comprehensive incorporating single and multi player formats the beauty is there’s a need and a requirement for Bulldog games in every family environment including parks, piers, arcades, FECs and bowling alleys. I can’t think of one style of venue where there isn’t an opportunity for Bulldog games to enhance bottom line profits, in fact we’ve even undertaken installations in UK casinos such is its versatility and appeal.

Coinslot: What’s new for this year and how does the range compare?

Tony Glanville:2018 was a brilliant debut season for Bulldog during which we exceeded forecasts and in the process built a reputation for cash box,for innovation and for delivering a quality UK build supported by great after sales sup- port. The 2019 pusher range has been enhanced by the launch of Pac-Man,Cops N’Robbers and the two player 3001: In videmption we have the 65”XL range which includes Ticketsaurus Rex. In Roll Downs we have Deal or No Deal and the mechanical redemption game, Beat Ben. It’s a joined up range underpinned by a commitment to quality and play appeal.

Coinslot: What’s the secret of a great redemption piece?

Tony Glanville:Bulldog’s take on redemption is about combining play appeal, interaction and fantastic kerb appeal all within a simple play format. Based on conversations with operators I think they are the four essential boxes that a great redemption piece has to tick.

Coinslot: How popular is videmption and why does it work well?

Tony Glanville:Our videmption games are about generating maximum fun from what is a small footprint. While the the foot print enables videmption to work in venues of all sizes, it must still pack a punch in terms of the entertainment it delivers and the quality of the graphics and audio. Games such as our popular pirate themed Ben Bones represent classic family entertainment and are an important part of the product mix.

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