Clevedon Pier celebrates 150 years

Clevedon Pier celebrates entertainment bank holiday
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Hosting a special weekend of entertainment, Clevedon Pier will celebrate 150 years since it first opened on May 27 bank holiday.

A pier-branded beer, a new stage and awning, and a bid for £25,000-worth of lighting for the pagoda will also mark the anniversary.

During the bank holiday weekend, there will be an exhibition of the pier’s history, giving visitors the opportunity to get a glimpse of the venue through the ages.

“We have always had a wonderful collection of documents and artefacts and to be honest they’re stuck in a side room,” explained Phil Curme, chairman of the Clevedon Pier and Heritage Trust.

“With a big bang we will swing the doors open and show them to the world.”

“We are also working with the National Archive so the collection will be going live on Discovery. “This is a massive feather in the cap for
Clevedon for them to have partnered up with us – it really is very exciting.”

The celebrations, which will also fall in line with the May half-term of local schools, will also see an entire week of activities being held in the resort.

“Community activity is a big deal for us and is at the heart of what and why we do things,” concluded Curme. “We will be bringing a week of events in the hope of engaging tourists and residents.

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